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Vibra-Check Standard Mounting Pad
Patterned Surface. For loads in the 50-150 range.

VIBRA-CHECK Standard is a scientifically engineered and chemically compounded material for mounting machinery and equipment. It was developed to solve the ever-increasing problems of machine wear, high maintenance costs, and production loss caused by vibration.

VIBRA-CHECK Standard is a compound of two layers of tough vinyl chloride elastomeric resin bonded to both sides of a strong reinforcing core of monofilament fiberglass and fused in a special process. This results in a composite product which combines three natural frequencies to combat vibration.

Thousands of VIBRA-CHECK STANDARD installations, in addition to independent laboratory tests, have proved that VIBRA-CHECK STANDARD effectively reduces vibration and noise induced by operation of impact-producing rotary or reciprocating motion machinery. The test results are in this page.


*Patented and registered in the U.S.A.

*Avco Enviromental Testing Laboratory

VIBRA-CHECK STANDARD MOUNTING PAD shown in position under machine foot. No bolts, lags, or adhesives are needed when you use VIBRA-CHECK STANDARD... the fast, easy and economical way to move your machinery

Tapete vibra uso-01.png
Tapete Vibracheck-01.png
imagen vibracheck side-01.png

The illustration shows VIBRA-CHECK STANDARD'S sandwich construction of vinyl chloride elastomeric resin and monofilament fiberglas.


Optimum Loading Range

Natural Frequency vs Load (Static)

Load vs Deflection

Load Deflection vs Recovery


Effect of Temperature Change at 100 psi

      -50º F

      Room Temperature

      +230º F

NOTE: Between temperature limits listed above, VIBRA-CHECK Standard retains its general characteristics.

50-150 psi

See Fig. 1

See Fig. 2

See Fig. 3

See Fig. 4

fn = 24 Hz

fn = 27 Hz

fn = 19 Hz

MATERIAL SIZES: 22" x 23" x 5/8" (full sheet)


Cut Sizes (pre-packaged):

12 each 3"x 3"x 5/8"      12 each 3"x 6"x 5/8"

12 each 4"x 4"x 5/8"       12 each 4"x 8"x 5/8"

Above sizes available immediately from stock. Distributors of VIBRA-CHECK Standard are located throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Mexico. VIBRA-CHECK Standard may be cut to your specifications upon request, at a nominal fee.

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natural frequency vs load.jpg
load vs deflection.jpg
Load Deflection vs Recovery.JPG
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