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A complete range of vibration damping materials to solve your toughest shock and vibration problems

VIBRA-CHECK offers a choice of high-quality noise-vibration isolation materials to assist you in controlling shock, noise, vibration, and allied problems to meet OSHA standards.


  • For loads in the 50-150 psi range.

  • Scientifically engineered and chemically compounded material for mounting machinery and equipment.

  • A compound of two layers of tough vinyl chloride elastomeric resin bonded to both sides of a strong reinforcing core of monofilament fiberglass and fused in a special process.

  • Thousands of successful installations, in addition to independent laboratory tests, have proved that effectively reduces vibration and noise induced by operation of impact-producing rotary or reciprocating motion machinery. 

  • Resist moisture, oils, greases, detergents, brine, solvents, and general industrial chemicals.

  • Unpatterned surface for machinery loads in the 150-3600 psi range.

  • For larger machinery and equipment and offers the same advantages Vibra-Check Standard offers. 

  • Machinery can be relocated easier, faster and at less cost, leaving your floors in top condition. 

  • Tested by Avco Enviromental Testing Laboratory.

  • Unpatterned surface for machinery loads in the 20-120 psi range.

  • Modern, economical and permanent product for reducing vibration and noise in lightweight equipment.

  • Offers same advantages than Vibra-Check Standard.

  • Tested by Avco Enviromental Testing Laboratory

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  • Patterned surface for machine leveling.

  • Increases Vibra-Check Standard or Heavy Load heigh in 3/32" increments.

  • If metal shims are required, use VIBRA-SHIM to isolate them from the machine base and eliminate metal-to-metal contact. It is especially useful in assuring level machine installations on unlevel floors.

  • VIBRA-SHIM has a composition similar to Vibra-Check Standard and Heavy Load.

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  • Unpatterned Surface for bolt isolation.

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