*Price varies with the size


Size: 17" X 20" X 1/4"  PSI RANGE: 700-3600PSI


Size: 17" X 20" X 3/8" PSI RANGE:  700-3600PSI


Size: 17" X 20" X 1/2" PSI RANGE:  700-3600PSI


Size: 17" X 20" X 5/8" PSI RANGE:  700-3600PSI


Size: 17" X 20" X 3/4" PSI RANGE:  700-3600PSI


Heavy Load Smooth Surface*

Sheet Size
  • VIBRA-CHECK HEAVY LOAD for larger machinery and equipment is similar in construction to Vibra-Check Standard and offers all of its many advantages. Machinery can be relocated easier, faster and at less cost, leaving your floors in top condition.  The HEAVY LOAD surface is unpatterned.

    Field installations and independent laboratory tests * prove that HEAVY LOAD effectively reduces vibration and noise. Test results are shown below.

    *Avco Enviromental Testing Laboratory


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