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  • Helps your plant meet OSHA standards quickly, easily and inexpensively

  • Vibra-Check noise-vibration isolation materials are used in industrial, OEM military, office, and home applications

  • Succesfully used in thousands of installations since 1959.

World's most advanced anti-vibration pad.


Absorbs up to 90% of vibration led by all kinds of machinery.

Maintains machinery & equipment at their place without the need of anchoring.


Mantains machinery at its place increasing the production capacity of precision jobs. By not requiring anchorage, it protects floors, it does not stick to floors and eliminates stains and perforations. Its chemical compound is designed to have resistance and durability.


UNAFFECTABLE by acids, grease, detergents, solvents, and other chemical industrial products.

It does not absords liquids.



Allows a quick and easy way to change equipment from place to place. Simply lift the equipments, pick up Vibra-check pads and place them on the new installation position.


Save money... Vibra-check pads ensure you cheap installation costs because the pads do not need to pin up. Vibra-check is always at its maximum efficiency point and can be used as many times as you want. It's easy to cut and you won't need special equipment to install it.

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